Racing Thoughts
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Racing Thoughts

Infolimets.bizXanax and distance running
6.17.2017 | James Babcock
Xanax and distance running
Racing Thoughts

I hear racing thoughts and hearing voices all the time except when I sleep. What should I do. These medications does not work. I was admitted to the hospital ward and was giving a series of medicine that worked for hearing voices. sign confused. I have been seeing a pscyharist and being taking medicines that are different than the ones I was taking when I was in the ward.

I have had racing thoughts off and on throughout my life. This is doen before I go to sleep. All this is pre-cluded by a examination by a physician. I basically force myself to stay in bed all night until I get too bored and sleep. Other grounding exercises are like walking through grass, digging in the garden, or there is a chakra exercise where you touch your heart chakra to open it up, then breathe in to withdraw chi projections, and then you breath to the ground. All of them says that there is too much chi in the brain. They also said that you need to have an half an hour before you go to sleep and do a relaxing ritual where you don't do anything exciting as well as try to go to sleep and wake up on a regular schedule. Focusing on a chakra might help or on your nose. For some reason, yoga hypes me up into speed thinking. If that does not work, I focus on my toes and send my thoughts there. Sometimes journaling can help too. I have gone to Eastern medicine to find an answer and there is a book called Spiritual Emergencies by a Dr. I have developed a combination deep relaxation, smiling meditation, Mormon covenant remembrance, and deep hypnotic countdown, and a visualization where I head to a house with a room. Groff. I close the room, sit in a chair, close the lights, and focus on my breathing by counting breaths. I have done a lot of tai-chi chuan and find that it helps more than yoga.

Since I have started running I have had significantly fewer anxiety attacks. A friend of mine recommended distance running. Music playing in my head so loud it couldn't be ignored. Sleep would only come after a course of Melatonin/Valerian or Xanax and still it would be interrupted. For nearly a decade I had anxiety, depression, and hypomanina. I would frequently wake up at 3 am unable to fall back asleep. My sleep is deep and restful and depression is a thing of the past. It's not as easy as taking a pill but it works so much better.

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I have them all the time psychiatric treatment years ago only made matters worse. I was put on so much medication I could hardly function anymore. My mind still races, mood swings are bad, and social phobia is getting worse. The social worker at the mental ward told me to basically hang it up and collect disability. Unfortunay my trust in psychiatrist was destroyed. 2 months later I quit all meds.

i have bi polor head races cant sleep also have a fib cant tak medicine dont no what to do.

I'm very hyper and just can't calm down. I found a Xanax from an old prescription - just took it and already I'm relaxed and can focus without the racing thoughts. :(. I've been told I'm bi-polar but people that know me disagree. It's very addictive and you have to keep taking more and more for the effects to work. The one thing that works is Xanax.but I HATE this drug. I've had racing thoughts for many years - I've been prescribed Seroquel, Lexapro - pretty much everything out there. One thing that has become very noticable is I can't read anymore - I'll notice I've "read" a whole page but was thinking about anythins and everything else but.

Hoping this will give me a more targeted approach for wellness and better brain health. Just masks the symptoms making life more tolerable. Been prescribed meds for almost 15 years. Just had a Qeeg(Brain Map) done. Other than that, back to masking and more looking up for divine guidance. Following up with Neurofeedback(better, leess invasive, but newer field of treatment) or biofeedback (maybe less affective).

The psychiatrist will be in the best position to know what medications might be helpful to you if you are indeed experiencing a clinical problem. Questions submitted to this column are not guaranteed to receive responses. You need to learn more about why you are having racing thoughts before you can know if there is any medication that can help you with them. Answer: Though racing thoughts can be a symptom of mental illness, they are not specific to any particular illness. Dr. Always consult with your psychotherapist, physician, or psychiatrist first before changing any aspect of your treatment regimen. Do not stop your medication or change the dose of your medication without first consulting with your physician. Dombeck intends his responses to provide general educational information to the readership of this website; answers should not be understood to be specific advice intended for any particular individual(s). Dombeck, Mental Help Net and CenterSite, LLC make no warranties, express or implied, about the information presented in this column. Dombeck to people submitting questions. I suggest a visit to your local psychiatrist is in order so that you can be properly diagnosed. Dr. Dr. No correspondence takes place. No ongoing relationship of any sort (including but not limited to any form of professional relationship) is implied or offered by Dr. Dombeck and Mental Help Net disclaim any and all merchantability or warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or liability in connection with the use or misuse of this service. Racing thoughts can occur during anxiety states, panic attacks, and during the ‘manic’ phase of bipolar disorders, as well as during drug intoxication states.

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I have racing thoughts in the morning. I try many natural remedies like, st johns wort, 5 htp, valerian, tranquil sleep, ashwaganda. These seem to help but do not cure the busy mind. I wake up at 3 am and can't go back to sleep. Try vitamin e and fish oil too.

If you have racing thoughts ask your doctor about Clonidine. This will allow your sleeping medication to work effectively. It will lower your blod presure and calm you down. just make sure you take your clonodine prior your sleeping medication and do not engage in any other activity before you go to bed.

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It made me very nervous. it's humilitating to be caught talking or laughing to myself at work. The one I tried was topomax and it did it interfere with my zoloft. But I wish there was some way to control my racing thoughts. All I've been taking is Zoloft for the last decade for my bi polar.In seems to work in terms of having a more happy or positive outlook on life and does'nt have any major side effects like weight gain or drowsyness. Definatly wish also to know if there's any other meds or' over the counter' for racing thoughts. Any doctor can prescribed it to you(so you don't got to go to a Psych). The meds usually described for racing thoughts are anti seizure for epileptics. So I quit it after a month.

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i think im the center of attention all the time and cant get my mind away from it. it works but more mild depression. i cant even have casual conversations anymore because of it. im now going into college and its hard to even walk into my job because im so self conscious. ive tried st johns wort. my gf and i broke up after 5 years because ive changed so much. its hard to make eye contact so i look at the ground and try to put on a relaxed face so no one thinks anything is wrong. it seemed to worsen when i got picked on in 6th grade. i tried zoloft 100mg months ago and it worked great but i wouldnt eat anything all day so i quit. dont know what to do anymore. hope all is well for you guys. ive had this problem ever since ive been little. im not some depressed loser either, i have a lot going for me if i could just get my mind to calm down and understand that none of what i believe about people is true. im depressed because of my self consciousness i believe. i come off as strange but im just trying to get through the day. people talk to me and i cant even interperet what they say to me. 5htp worked great the first couple days but then quit working as well and now im back to looking at the ground. i listen to jim rohn and other motivtional speakers because it gives me hope.

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Is there medication to help get rid of or control racing thoughts? Are there alternate therapies available to eliminate racing thoughts without drugs?

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Thanks. So. like many others, back to the psychiatrist for some other med that will work in the same way. I have been on meds for nearly 2 years for severe depression and it helps for a little while. I concur with those who have expressed their feelings about psychiatrists. Any suggestions would be great. Pat. but then after a few weeks, seem to hit rock bottom. It is just a vicious circle that never seems to end. Ive tried counseling, and that's just not for me.


Right now I'm on Zoloft at 150mg. We are all holding on.and will continue to so. I have search all over the internet.Trying to find what would help.So far its just another pill. I'm right here with all of you. I'm sure one day there will be something for us.Always stay close to Jesus.Pray.Go to church.This will keep us grounded. It has helped alot with the Social Phobia.Nothing with the Racing Thoughts.I would love to wake up one morning and my brain is resting.

since six years. Dont know how to go about. Among my three serious suicide attempts, one suicide attempt is to be CREDITED to my psychiatrist. improved little in the intiall medication and then later worsened like anything. i have been on med. Today, my 8th psychiatrist is pressuring me to work, whicj i cant.

I have also had racing thoughts and it is preventing me from going to sleep at night so far I have not slept in a week. don't know what I am going to do. But I will figure it out. I am not willing to go to a doctor as pretty much everyone above who has gone has been prescribed pills that messed them up and did not help.

In the last several years, my shrink has prescribed all the SSRIs - nothing works, and in fact, have had uncomfortable side effects with most. I keep ling her they don't work, I feel worse, and she just looks at me. I feel my shrink thinks I am just not trying. Antidepressants have been prescribed over the time. I have been in therapy and seeing psychiatrists for much of my life. I don't trust any of them.

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What worked for you. Any sucess stories out there for racing thoughts and or anxiety.

Guess I can only use it "as needed". Good luck to all, and please have faith, science WILL find an answer. Took 5 mg. Problem is, you build tolerance so quickly that eventually you get no effect at all. diazepam last night after 5 days off the drug, and it worked like a freakin charm.

Peace and Grace to Ya.

Xanax and distance running